Chem Coding

26 March 2020

ChemCoding Registrations are Open

  • ChemCoing is open only for Chemical Engineering students.
  • Only SoChem registered members are eligible for prize money.
  • ChemCoding is an individual event.
  • Registrations are open till 1st April, 11:59 pm.
25 March 2020

ChemCoding Details

Information Technology today is growing at an impeccable rate and as such being able to code is one such skill which would go a really long way in one's career, regardless of profession. Osmoze brings to you the opportunity to showcase logical thinking and dexterity with algorithms in the form of ChemCoding, an exhilarating coding event.

ChemCoding is a competitive programming event that will test your problem solving and programming skills. You will be given a series of algorithmic puzzles and problems and you will have to come up with not only an accurate but an optimal solution as quickly as possible.

Registrations will begin on 26th March

Event Coordinators:
  • Nisha Agarwal: 9521409751
  • Abhishek Singh: 9460878830
24 March 2020

Chem Coding has turned un-proctored

As a part of the decision taken today by the Osmoze Core team, all events have turned online. The new cash prize for Chem Coding will be INR. 5000.