02 April 2020

Adhyayan Round 1 Results

Out of the 37 teams that participated in Adhyayan, the following teams have qualified for round 2.
  • Across the Line
  • Team Blancc
  • The Think Tank
  • Neurotech
  • Newbie
  • Big Wigs
  • Trickster
  • Team Punjabis
  • One
  • Katalyst
  • Beginners
  • Mr. Caser
  • Enigma
  • Xorfire
  • Tycoon

Note from the judges: You can combat fake news only after discovering it as "fake".

Instructions for Round 2
  • Prepare the video as explained in the PS. In short, you cam use any means to explain the idea.
  • In the video please introduce the team (team-name and name of members) before moving on to your idea.
  • Send the video link (after uploading to Google Drive) to by 5th April, 11:59 PM. Make sure we can access it.
  • Title of the email should be (strictly): "Adhyayan | Video Round | Team Name
  • Email body should include names of all team members.

For any doubts, you know the coordinators 🙂
27 March 2020

Adhyayan Problem Statement Released

All further details are mentioned in the PS
We emphasise that for any queries/ doubts contact the event coordinators:
  • Ashwin Shrivastava : 8601264469 -
  • Arjun Salyan : 9411322243 -
26 March 2020

Adhyayan Registrations are Open

  • Registrations are open for all years and students of all branches.
  • Registrations are open till 29th March, 11:59 PM
  • Problem statement will be released on 27th March, 2020.
25 March 2020

Details about Adhyayan

Adhyayan is the case study of Osmoze with some bits of classics to it. Analysis and Innovation come together to form Adhyayan Case Study. This year it will be organised completely online.
You will be given a problem and some set of rules and information regarding the problem. Using the frame of reference assigned you will have to suggest a solution backed by a thorough analysis and proofs.

  • Registrations start on 26th March, 2020.
  • Problem Statement will be released on 27th March, 2020
  • You will be participating in teams of 3 or less.
  • There will be two rounds- first there will be abstract (a breif summary of your solution) submission and the qualifiers of this rounds will give a presentation cum QnA session (round 2) on a selected online meetings platform.
  • Detailed timeline and rules will be contained in the Problem Statement, which is coming on 27th March, 2020.

For any queries contact Event Coordinators:
  • Ashwin Shrivastava (+91 8601264469)
  • Arjun Salyan (+91 9411322243)
24 March 2020

Adhyayan will be organised online

As a part of the decision taken today by the Osmoze Core team, all events have turned online. The new cash prize for Adhyayan will be INR. 8000.