Osmoze'20 Coming In

April 3, 2020 Starting @ 5:00 PM


About Osmoze

Osmoze is the annual technical extravaganza organized by the Department of Chemical engineering, IIT BHU, Varanasi. We intend to provide a competitive platform for honing technical and professional skills of students, especially those interested in chemical engineering. Flagship contests of the festival include Chem-e-boat – competition of running boats through chemical reactions, Rachna – an industrial process designing contest, Case studies and IDP sponsored by industries, and a veritable potpourri of events to nurture the engineering professional inside you. Osmoze is the perfect platform to enhance your professional skills and experience a unique atmosphere of creativity and innovation. So mark your calendar for 3rd-5th April and get ready for this one of a kind fest.

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Participate from your home

Osmoze will be organised completely online this year. Continue to the events dashboard for more information.

The Osmoze Team

Priyank Chaudhary

Convenor, Osmoze

Yukti Gupta

General Secretary, SoChem

Ayush Chakraborty

Vice President, SoChem

Anmol Gupta

Facilitator, SoChem

Ansh Agrawal

Informatics Head, SoChem

Debashish Nanda

Design Head, Osmoze

Aniruddha Shivam

Marketing Head, Osmoze

Abhishek Anand

Events Head, Osmoze

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